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Johnson Ductless HVAC Systems

American Engineering, Now In India

A cost effective, efficient, and flexible HVAC system solution for large, open spaces. The ductless approach uses grade mounted, vertical air handlers to evenly condition large spaces.

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How It Works

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No Expensive Install Equipment
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No Long Install Time
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No Roof Penetrations
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No Roof Curbs
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No Duct Work

Product Showcase

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Establishments Covered

Aircare Engineering - Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical Storage Facilities

GPS Commercial Ionizer

Industrial Establishments

Aircare Engineering - Supply Chain


Aircare Engineering - Stadium

Sports Complex

Aircare Engineering - Factory

Equipment Rooms

Aircare Engineering - Supply Chain

Distribution Centers

Aircare Engineering - Agriculture HVAC

Indoor Agri Facilities

Aircare Engineering - Hangar

Aircraft Hangars

System Placement

Whether your system needs to be in the middle of your space, against a wall, or outside, our engineering team will work with you to find the best solution for your project.

insidespace - Johnson Ductless Unit- Aircare Engineering

Within The Space

evenTemp-singleUnit - Johnson Ductless Unit- Aircare Engineering

Against The Wall

outsideUnit - Johnson Ductless Unit- Aircare Engineering


Why Johnson Air Rotation?

American built HVAC systems that perform!

  • Cost Savings
    • Johnson Air-Rotation HVAC eliminates much of the infrastructure needed for more conventional systems.
  • Maintenance Reduction
    • Grade mounted, vertical air handlers are maintained from ground level, making maintenance easy.
  • Efficiency
    • Johnson introduces conditioned air near the roof deck that returns at the ground and uses efficient prop fans.
  • Consistency
    • In many applications, temperature and humidity design criteria are critical, meaning consistency is a must.
  • Extended Product Life
    • Higher quality construction and components results in a product lifespan of 30+ years versus 10-15 for rooftop units.