Complete Indoor Air Purification

Scientifically Tested in American Labs. Proven to kill 99.4% of the COVID-19 Virus

Our proven technology delivers clean indoor air that is safe and healthy – producing neither ozone nor other harmful by-products. Through Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI), our products purify the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors and pathogens. The combined effect is a lowered carbon footprint for your facility and up to 30% energy savings through a reduced (up to 75%) outdoor air intake.

It helps you control indoor air purification and reduce air pollution inside your home. Whole-home solutions remove up to 98% of invisible particles.

Global Plasma Solutions (GPS) has over 150,000 installations of its products, these include, leading Hospitals, Govt establishments like the White House and UAE Palace, leading universities, schools and number of commercial establishments like Google offices in San Jose and Chicago. It has been proven to kill up to 99% of Covid-19. The system can be installed pan-India. Immediate site visitation and quotation delivery in Bangalore within 12 hrs of contacting us. For more information on how Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization works, click here.

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GPS Indoor Air Quality Products

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Sensors & Measurements

Compact NPBI - Aircare Engineering

Compact NPBI

Why GPS?

Pathogen Reduction

Our innovative technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria including the dreaded Coronavirus/Covid-19. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens, leaving them to die, and leaving you with clean air.

Particle Reduction

Our proprietary technology reduces airborne particles through agglomeration. The ions attach to the airborne particles, increase their size resulting in enhanced air filtration thereby increasing the efficiency of your HVAC.

Odor Reduction

During our proprietary cleaning process human body, chemical, pet, cooking and various other odors are broken down into basic harmless compounds, leaving the indoor air fresh smelling and free of any odor.

Energy Reduction

Our environmentally friendly cleaning process allows buildings to significantly reduce the amount of outdoor air required to operate. Equating to a safer environment that requires up to 30% less energy to condition.

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